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Lily Stein


Isolation’s Darkest Side Effect

The COVID–19 pandemic triggered a surge in eating disorders. For many college students, this meant returning home—and returning to old habits.

Right And/Or Wrong

Finding sense in the senseless age of COVID–19

Quarantine Content: A Blog for All Students in Need of Inspiration

A collection of curated art and opinion to help us make sense of the unexplainable.

On Baking Blogs, Kombucha Breweries, and Shrinky Dinks: Creativity in the Time of COVID

Three Penn students on what keeps them busy in quarantine. 

The Definitive University City Hummus Roundup (Nostalgia Edition)

A journey through the restaurants and relationships that I unexpectedly miss.

I Searched In Vain for a Scooter Critic Like Me, and Instead Found a Startup

Introducing Boost Scooters, the student–run company revolutionizing how we get to class.

Penn Through the Eyes of a 21st Century Nomad

Meet David Lampietti, the study abroad student from King's College.

Meet Jet Le Parti, The Self–Taught Artist Who Turned his Apartment into a Studio

Artist Spotlight | Jet combines the philosophy of art with the art of philosophy.

Tammy Lang Brings Cabaret to the Kelly Writers House

Her impersonation of Marianne Faithfull shocked and wowed her multigenerational audience. 
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