Penn can be shitty sometimes. A lot of the time, actually, and we're not shy about drawing attention to the darker sides of Dear Ol' Penn. But for every 2 am trip to Huntsman, every "Oh my god, are we really supposed to pay hundreds of dollars for a freaking pool party" moment, there are times– many times, really– when Penn lives up to the admissions brochure glory. Penn has its own particular magic. And it's summer, dammit– we miss our friends, we're bored at work, we've got at least six solid weeks until we're reunited with Wawa quesadillas. Welcome to our love letter to college, the collected pieces of Penn our staff misses over the summer. 

Midnight walks down Locust when the lights look like they're out of a movie/ The hour breaks in between classes that let me watch TV during the day/ Feeling productive for waking up at noon on a Sunday/ Frontera/ Living within a five block radius of the best people I've ever met/ Bitching about the weather/ Not feeling guilty for being a mess/ Getting away with my shitty fake/ Allegros/ Turning my fuck-ups into stories/  Riding the Huntsman elevators/ Stealing alcohol from frats/ The Schuylkill/  Wearing yoga pants everyday and not giving a shit/ Awkward eye contact with people I've hooked up with/ The high concentration of dealers on this campus/ The sixth floor VP bathrooms/ BYOs/ Roommates who talk to me while I poop/ Not having to hide my yeast infection from my parents/ Everyone using the same abbreviations/ COPA COPA COPA/ SHS discounts on Plan B/ The collective sense of belonging/ Getting away with being a cynical bitch/ Nobody questioning my choices in men, wine or outfits/ Dancing/ Making fun of prefrosh/ Limitless possibilities/ Greek Lady/ Feeling like I matter/ Knowing I'm right where I belong


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