Plenty Cafe is the epitome of hipster chic—the perfect camouflage for your disheveled, hungover aesthetic. The Pancetta Hash Sandwich ($10) is everything you dreamed about in your drunken haze and more. It may not be ideal for those hesitant to take a less–than–sexy bite, but let’s be honest, odds are you’re in sweats and wearing sunglasses inside, anyways. To sober up, nothing beats sinking your teeth into perfectly toasted, warm ciabatta. The bread provided an excellent sponge for the oozing yolks of two soft poached eggs and bacon grease. Served with refreshing side salad and watermelon, Plenty Cafe’s Pancetta Hash Sandwich is the ultimate hangover meal in a relaxing atmosphere (if you can make it there). 


The first thing I noticed about the BUI’s truck is the overwhelming smell of goodness in the air. As I got closer to the truck on the corner of 38th and Spruce Streets, I realize that the sun is way too bright, the sidewalk is a lot closer than I think it is and my stomach is growling and rocking at the same time. When I get to the truck, the nice lady laughed at my obvious state of hangover, but almost magically produced my order instantly (I’m sure it took a couple minutes but like, what is time?).

The Hangover Special is like any standard breakfast roll, but it’s not. It has sausage, bacon and ham wrapped in eggs, nestled into a hot bun that is chewy, fluffy, crunchy all at the same time. You can get it with either ketchup, which is a solid choice, or with BUI’s sauce, which seems to be a mixture of mayo and Sriracha sauce and is clearly the better choice. The greasy spiciness and bread are perfect for absorbing the remnants of last nights Long Islands sloshing around in your stomach. At $6 for one, it’s great to pick up the next time you have a hangover and are looking for a quick fix to be presentable for that early morning board meeting (literally who keeps scheduling these?) You can also call or text in your order before you walk over if you’re sober enough to dial (856–630–7269)!


Good Karma is the perfect place to flee after a rough night out when you need to avoid an embarrassing DFMO: It’s far enough out of the way to escape the standard Penn crowd, but at 24th and Walnut Streets, it’s close enough to walk to. Serving everything from your basic BEC to Vegan Tofu Scramble, this hipster hideout has something for every hangover craving (including salads, if you’re one of those people). I ordered the “Cool as a Cucumber” bagel ($4.25), which was a solid bagel (though the cream cheese was a bit heavy), and it had cucumber and tomato, so it was basically a salad. Overall, a nearby but different option for a hungover bite to eat.


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