After an incident last Wednesday evening, one Penn student will never be the same. While trying to find a pregame, Alec Waspstein (SEAS ‘18) was shocked when he looked down at Google Maps and realized he was on 43rd Street and Baltimore. “I feel like it gave me a whole new perspective on Philly. I really know the city now,” said Waspstein, with great pride in his voice. Waspstein was not going to let the experience pass him by. He immediately changed his Tinder bio to reflect his newfound love of urban travel.

Shockingly enough, this aspiring tech consultant was not always so adventurous. “I’ve ubered to Renata’s a couple times but now I know that isn’t real West Philly.” Now, he mused, viewers of his online dating profile would see him for the “cool, down–to–earth, and mature” man he felt he had become. This experience changed his reputation, but also his lifestyle. Waspstein now frequents the Green Line Café on 40th and Chestnut AND the Green Line Café on Locust and 45th. “Consider my horizons broadened,” he said.

Waspstein did concede, however, that there were some limits to his escapades. “I’m not going to go past, like, 46th Street. I’m not trying to get mugged."


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