Take back Halloween from the sexy ebola nurses and sexy pizza rat outfits of yesteryear. Here are some ideas for Halloween mixers that you can be proud of.

Bra Burners and Anti–Brock Turners

Bras or breast prisons, amiright? Burn these oppressive medieval contraptions like you would Brock Turner if you ever saw him. Your boobs have been stuck in those jail cells longer than he ever was anyway.

Free the Nip–ers and I’m with Her–ers

Nipples and freedom are stronger together so let those babies loose while you party like you were just enfranchised. Every pantsuit could use some nipple cut–outs.

CEOs and a Riveter named Rose

Take a (keg) stand against societal norms. Don’t worry, you can still wear that oversized button–down that you pretend you borrowed from your boyfriend when really you stole it from your dad, just as long as you do it with that red bandana.

Gloria Steinem and My Vagina

Those VagMons vagina costumes need more time in the limelight.

Roe v. Wade and Equal Pay

Baby I may not need dollar bills to have fun tonight, but I sure as HELL need more than 77 cents.

Yes Means Yes and a Tight Short Dress

Now you can wear what you were planning on wearing anyway but at least it’s like sending a message, right?