Snapchat has, in recent years, become one of the primary social media platforms by which we stalk our past hookups, potential hookups and people we wish we could hook up with but are too scared to speak to. At any given moment, you can click on a story and see what someone was doing and how long ago they were doing it. Brb, running to Smokes', bae–who–doesn't–know–they–are–bae has a pitcher. But did you know that a person's favorite filter can provide insight into their personality and relationships even more scientific than their horoscope?

The Dog

As an avid user of the dog filter, you’re innocent and well–loved, but a tad basic. A little broken inside but you're willing to pull it together for the snap. Based on Snapchat it seems like all you do is eat at restaurants and ride around in the passenger seat singing along to rap music.

Soulmate: Flower Crown

Best friend: Golden Wreath

The Flower Crown 

Flower  crown lovers take self obsession to a new level. You always think you look good and you want everyone to know (hence a story that is over one minute). You’re definitely the messy friend of the group.

Soulmate: Dog Filter

Best Friend: Sad Face

The Face Swap

Face swap users are hard to understand. The sheer creepiness of the filter leads us to believe that you’re probably drunk in which case we're impressed by your intoxicated phone skills, but you're also kind of quirky when sober. You probably get really political on Facebook and then talk about how being active on social media is dumb.

Soulmate: Sad Face

Best Friend: Face Warp

The Sad Face

You wear leggings and sweatshirts to class every day. You never bother taking your hair out of its ponytail or your glasses off for a photo. You are definitely snapping about how hungry you are and how boring your lecture is. Honestly, this can't reasonably be called a filter—it's a window to your sad, sad soul.

Soulmate: Dog Filter

Best Friend: Makeup Filter

The Makeup

You are the person the dog filter barks at for being basic. You're super vain but also quite lazy. You definitely have a boyfriend you can't stand and love complaining that nobody ever invites you out.

Soulmate: Dog Filter (because, as stated above, you can't stand each other)

Best Friend: Sad Face

The Golden Wreath 

You're fun–loving and cute. You have an alternative taste in music, but secretly love listening to '90s pop hits. And you're really flaky.

Soulmate: The Filter–Filter

Best Friend: Face Swap

The Filter–Filter  

You probably take yourself a little too seriously and wear cocktail dresses to kick–backs. You think that Selena Gomez is a good singer, and you never Venmo charge anyone for Ubers. What are you even doing on Snapchat? Take your filtered ass back to Instagram where it belongs.

Soulmate: Face Swap

Best Friend: Golden Wreath

The Face Warp 

You operate on the philosophy that if it's not funny, it shouldn't go on social media. But let's be real here, you think you're funnier than you really are. Also, you're definitely into kinky stuff in bed.

Soulmate: Flower Crown

Best Friend: Face Swap


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