When Steve Aoki cancelled his appearance at an off–campus fraternity downtown two weeks ago, the frat scrambled to find a replacement. Straight off their Fall show, the Looney Tunes, Penn’s premiere a cappella group known for being not Off the Beat, volunteered to fill the vacant spot. The party–goers were unaware of the change, however, and many were met with confusion as the undergraduate singing group took the stage.

As the Tunes started their Billy Joel medley (of course), beginning with "Uptown Girl" (of course) and transitioning into “The Longest Time" (of course), one dynamic duo couldn’t handle the music of BJ, so they opted for a BJ in the bathroom instead. As the group moved into “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” several fraternity brothers decided to light up in the middle of the dance floor. Inspired by how much they had touched their audience, the Looney Tunes decided to stay longer than they had actually planned.

Issues occurred when the Tunes, in need of water, could only find vodka to coat their throats. Shortly becoming intoxicated themselves, the Tunes began to mess up some of their harmonies, which, given that everyone at the downtown was belligerent, literally no one noticed.

As the set finished, the Tunes began to infiltrate the dance floor, which scared the rest of the party–goers as they had never seen GDIs before in real life. Both parties agreed that the night ended on a low note, though the Tunes were proud of their alto finish.