Regardless of how you voted yesterday (or if you could even vote in the first place) or how satisfied/unsatisfied you are with the results, there can be no denying that one thing is true: there are now many people in this country and on this campus who feel unsafe in this moment and/or who fear for their future safety in this country.

I do not claim to be an expert on politics or this election, but the one thing that has shocked me is the lack of empathy our country has displayed. The world itself is a beautiful place because of the diversity of its people, cultures, natural/physical environments, etc. So, in this time, I ask you all to put aside your own self interests, put yourself in someone else's shoes (aka try to understand how they're actually feeling), and give support to a person or community that may need it right now. While we can't control the country, we have the power to make our campus a safe and supportive place.


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