When he started gaining last night, the first thing I thought of was Roe v. Wade. I've spent the past year with my nose deep in articles, opinion pieces, literature, clinic visits, and fiery conversations about abortion in preparation for the play I'm directing this semester called DRY LAND. All I've thought about these past months and past 24 hours is how systematically and fervently and bafflingly the United States attacks and undervalues women. I felt attacked and undervalued as he gained last night. I texted the lead actress in DRY LAND "I feel worthless."

But in rehearsal today, I felt clarity. We sat on the floor and ate cookies, and tried to laugh, and asked insightful, challenging questions of the play and of ourselves. The puzzle began to come together and I understood. I understood that the United States fears sexual-assault-surviving, abortion-having, traumatized women so much because there is no one, no one singular person, stronger than we are. I understood that turning back on the progress we've made, which will kill those very real, strong women, is not even an option. I understood that there are other, much more weighty issues at stake - issues I am morbidly blessed to only experience from afar - but that this is the issue that I can and will act upon. I will act. I will make striking art that gives voice to women of every size, shape, and color, the strongest women from every scary corner of the world. I will dedicate my life to protecting those women and their strength, both onstage and off. I will never apologize and I will be too honest to be ignored. DRY LAND will set a fire in both minds and hearts. Resilient women will be feared in the best way, and resilient women will rule a new world.


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