When people can support a movement that rejects you (whatever their reasons are - social, economic, anti-establishment, whatever) it hurts. A lot. Very much. As a brown Muslim woman who wears hijab, I feel the betrayal, and the fear, and the disillusionment. 

People who care about justice, advocacy, and hope get me through it. Also the Quran.

"And hold fast to the rope of God, all together, and be not divided. Remember the Blessing of God upon you, when you were enemies, and He joined your hearts, such that you became brothers by His Blessing. You were on the brink of a pit of fire and He delivered you from it. Thus does God make clear unto you His signs, that haply you may be rightly guided. Let there be a community calling to the good, enjoining right, and forbidding wrong. It is they who shall prosper." [Quran 3:103-104]

We are in this together. I don't believe our country is full of vile people; quite the opposite. May this be a reminder to us to redouble our efforts for justice, depolarization, and systemic change in our country and on our campus. 


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