I think a lot of people are going to say that they are saddened by what happened on Tuesday night. In fact, I know they will -- they already have. And I too am saddened. I, naive as I may have been, held on to the notions of American exceptionalism, inalienable freedoms and unwavering acceptance. But. (There are several buts.) BUT if we hang our heads in resignation, as opposed to responding with a resounding unity and resilience, we truly give up what hope remains. BUT if we stop now, and accept the four tough years ahead for women, for racial and ethnic minorities and for all others who have been affected by the rhetoric of exclusion espoused by the Trump campaign, without one hell of a fight, we are no better than those who have enacted these plans in the first place. BUT this country has a history of championing freedom and multiplicity when seemingly impossible, so why not again? To fall lame in the face of adversity is cowardly. Shit, it's un-American.


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