I am—like so many of us are—too tearful and bruised to speak coherently, to gather my thoughts and move beyond paralysis toward action. On some level, it shouldn't impact me at all, because I am not an American -- I am here for a handful of years and then I am going to be back home. On another, it is a deep-seated ache to be able to be here, but not to been able to have changed this outcome. I hold on still to the idea that this is not yet the final outcome, and that there will be over the next few years the opportunity to consciously do the work of creating safe spaces that will remind everyone that they belong equally. I do not belong in that America is not home, but I want to be now more strongly than ever a part of the work of doing what is possible with the time we have. This is an opportunity to love more fiercely and to make love more inclusive in an America whose spirit I have grown to have deep faith in. To everyone else who is struggling to understand, I am with you every day.


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