I have never felt more under attack in my life. While most Americans were mourning 9/11, my family was hiring a lawyer. Being an Arab in the South was never easy, yet being an Arab female with a president who denounces my identity will never be easy. I'm not proud of my country. I'm not proud to be American. I'm embarrassed, ashamed, and offended. So much of the country feels this as such a personal attack, and for those who voted for Trump, fine. For those who voted for Trump and do not empathize with us, that is not fine. I'm deeply hurt, and I can't fathom the change to come. I can't fathom the children that are raised in this era. America hopefully will wake up from this disgusting nightmare. It's the hangover from election night that never ends. Growing up, kids asked if my dad was in Al-Quaeda and if I had bombs up my skirt. This fight started when I was young, and now children are going to bear the scars that I did of being ashamed of their identity under a disgusting President. All we can do is act.


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