I do not accept any of the hatred or the negative possible outcomes of the election. I will stand to fight and protect the reproductive rights of women to have access to abortion and to birth control. I will stand with the LGBTQ+ community and all minority groups, especially the Black Lives Matter movement, as we are not alone in this fight. I promise to be intersectional as I stand against hatred, and I invite you all to stand in solidarity. Just because this is the reality we have been dealt does not mean we have to accept it. We can fight back, push back against all of the horrible rhetoric and ideology. I invite you all to exercise your freedom of speech; never stop screaming, whether it be through words, art or protest. Your voice matters, and no matter how hard anyone tries, they cannot silence the echo of love. Though Trump may be our President, he does not represent my voice. My America is one that doesn't back down from a fight. My America is one that fights for justice, that fights for the equality of all of its citizens. I will fight for anyone whose voice is being threatened, for anyone whose life is in danger, for anyone who is threatened by such hatred. I will stand for you America, axe and pen in hand, ready to go to war.


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