The BFF 

Britney has a lot to write—she’s going to need to take your yearbook home for the evening. She needs to remind you of all your inside jokes, silly nicknames and embarrassing crushes from the year. And the next day, there’s a chance she will forget to bring your yearbook back to school because she’s too focused on getting signatures for her own. Damn it, Britney! This isn’t how BFFs treat each other. I’ve lost a day’s worth of signatures you selfish bitch!

The Fantasy Teacher

Maybe you had a crush on this teacher...or the teacher had a crush on you? Regardless, there’s always a brooding English teacher who is wildly intelligent and insightful. Everyone loves positive affirmation from their teachers, and this is just the way to receive some praise—that will forever be marked in your yearbook. In five years you’ll look back and think, “Shit, even my teachers loved me.”

The Boring Acquaintance

Anyone who signs your yearbook “HAGS” is a waste of space. “Have a great summer”? More like “Ha YOU HAG I never even liked you. Watch me deface your yearbook xo.” Sometimes, however there’s an interesting story behind that lame message. What if your lab partner Austin really wrote that generic message? You were totally into his piercing blue eyes and shaggy hair (which at least icovered his forehead acne).

The Situational Friend

That girl you a borrowed tampon from that one time? Or the girl whose bed you accidentally wet that night you had your first beer? Or that chick whose calculus tests you totally cheated off? These people aren’t quite your friends, per se, but they totally LYLAS (love you like a sister) anyway.