There are many good reasons to take a break from the booze this weekend. It could be the exhaustion of homecoming–Halloweekend, a last effort to lose your beer belly before Thanksgiving break (just to replace it with a turkey belly) or even a baby step in getting your life together. The health benefits of giving up alcohol can include improved skin, better sleep, improved mood and even weight loss.

1. Find a Partner in Crime

Picking the right squad is an essential part of a fun sober night out. Picking someone too wild and the night might end with you holding their hair back in the Allegro’s bathroom. Picking someone who is equally sober and the night might end with you both deciding that Netflix sounds better before the clock even strikes midnight. Plan a night out with a fun group of friends that will make you want to stay out when the going gets rough aka the party gets shut down.

2. Substitute Caffeine

In order to stay up for a long night out, you need to be wide awake. A rally essential includes some kind of energy drink to keep you dancing whether it be at a crowded frat party or a deafening downtown. Coffee and Red Bull aren’t exactly healthy, but in comparison to a handle of Banker's, it’s practically kale juice.

3. Wear Layers on Layers

Without an alcohol blanket to keep you warm, you’ll actually have to bundle up either with a coat or long sleeves. Thankfully, we aren’t into full Canada Goose season yet, but a light jacket might still be needed. Luckily, you’ll now be able to remember where in the dark frat house you hid it. Scared that an unsexy turtleneck will scare off your go–to hookup? Your soberness will inhibit your desire to send that embarrassing 1 a.m. “where u at” text anyways.

4. Have a Blister–free Night

This might seem like a prime opportunity to break out your new heels since you are less likely to drunkenly trip in them. However, don’t be mistaken. Like the tip above, you are much more likely to feel the pain of your shoes when sober, and nothing runs a night like stepping on glass when you take them off. Also, you still might fall in them, and now you are sober enough to remember it.

5. Use a Decoy Cup

The worst part of going out sober can be having to explain why you aren’t drinking. This trick can make turning down shots with that girl from your freshman hall easier. Ask the bartender for a full cup of soda for chaser, or, better still, just grab some water from the tap. It gives you something to sip on while your friends continue to down the nauseating mix of off–brand Coke and vodka.


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