So, you shamelessly love Harry Potter. Or maybe you want to get with someone who shamelessly loves Harry Potter. Or you've got excess storage on your phone that you want to fill up with some Harry Potter apps. Either way, no judgement—Street is here to give you a quick roundup of apps and websites for Potter obsessives or beginners.

Harry Potter Spells (app)

If you have a souvenir Harry Potter wand from that one trip to Universal Studios Orlando that you don’t quite know what to do with, consider this free, licensed app from Warner Bros. Dueling—it’s a breeze. For an update on spells, a time–waster in lecture or just an indulgence of nerdiness, check it out.

Harry Potter Lego (app)

If you want to relive your childhood, or you're  just an engineer yearning to build things that don’t require orthographic plots, Lego Harry Potter is for you. There’s one app for years 1–4 and one app for years 5–7. This also makes a good gift for younger siblings, if you're willing to pay $4.99.

Pottermore (website)

When J.K. Rowling released Pottermore in 2011, in its beta version on July 31 (Harry Potter’s birthday, if you’re a true obsessive), the die–hard fans stayed up all night to get a beta account, answering a ridiculous trivia question on the Warner Bros website. Accounts seemed to be in such high demand that our 13–year–old  selves decided to stare at a computer machine for six prime sleeping hours. However, for a short while, Pottermore proved worth it. A sorting hat, a house cup, special plot background? Where else could a Potter obsessive learn the identity of McGonagall's first love and the story of the first meeting between the Potters and Dursleys? Pottermore is still going strong, having made its way through all seven Harry Potter books. If you’re still yearning for some Rowling–approved magic, check it out.

Muggle Net (website)

Touting itself as the “World’s #1 Harry Potter Site,” MuggleNet houses many speciality sites ranging from an academic podcast to a blog called The Daily Prophet. MuggleNet also hosts trivia, book quotes and discussion forums for a true potter nerd (or, as the true nerds call themselves, Potterheads).

Harry Potter Fanfiction (website)

Let’s be real—fanfiction fills that smut–shaped Harry Potter hole in your heart. In the interest of making her work age–appropriate, Rowling had to omit some of the real “magic” of adolescent witches and wizards. If you’re hungry for some Harry and Draco sex scenes, alternate–universe plot lines or some sweet pre–Potter stories, this is the site.


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