Last week on Keeping Up With the Weasley's: ings are not well at the Burrow with this family of blood traitors.

Ron was being so not cool about Harry dating Ginny, and especially her decision to not participate in the Second Wizarding War. Ginny had been, like, dropping hints that a Pureblood wedding between her and Harry would create a genealogy of master wizards. And Harry was okay with it which was, like, so exciting for the Gry ndors, except for Ron's rude ass. It's whatever to Ginny, though. Have fun with your Mudblood Herm- ione, sweetie. Maybe she'll nally gure out how to do her hair.

Business is not great at Fred and George's family boutique in Diagon Alley, Wease. Turns out Muggles and Purebloods aren't interested in buying bedazzled sandalwood wands and selvedge denim owl cages. It's like witches don't have a sense of elegance anymore.

Mama Weasley has had such a rough time this week, too. e cameramen are always tracking mud over her woven angora carpet, and her kids are only letting her get 7 percent in commission. At this rate, she'll have to sell o the oating hut in Bora Bora. And to make matters worse, the Diggories and the Loveg- oods are coming for dinner tomorrow night, and she has to yell at the maid to bring out the charmed tents if she wants to entertain properly. Hopefully the Dementors don't show up this time, because that would totally kill the glamour of the event.

Anywhoms, Ginny is the one being a real womp in the willow. She thinks that she can just, like, come under the influence of Tom Riddle's ancient memory and then resume her studies as if she didn't write all over the walls in blood? I don't think so. Ron and the twins are so afraid to sleep in the same home as her when they go home for the holidays. She's got Harry and all, but who's to say she invites another basilisk into the home, all because of some stupid diary? Sorry, she's gonna have to sleep outside the Burrow on Christmas—and if she thinks otherwise, she's got another thing coming. 

And that's what you missed on Keeping Up with the Weasleys.


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