So you went to the Women’s March—congrats! You’re, like, a visionary. A leader! Pat yourself on the back with your turquoise ring–laden hand. Maybe you can even put it on your resume somehow. 

But now you have all these pesky signs left over, and you need something to do with them. The most important week of the year, Big/Little week (yay!!!!!), is coming up, so we’ve put together some fun, cute ways you can transform that expression of resistance and anger into an adorable display for your little’s wall!

  1. Cover up the reproductive organs on your “Uteruses before Duderuses” sign. This will turn that slogan from a stark commentary on male control over female reproductive rights into a statement on how boys are dumb and aren’t as important as the AMAZING friendship you and your little have!
  2. Glue some hilarious snaps of your little being so blackout to your “I’m With Her” poster.
  3. Completely cover the poster that has an especially poignant Audre Lorde quote with the words “YOU’RE ADORABLE AND I LOVE YOU, JACKIE!!!”
  4. Change your “Resist” sign to say “Can’t ResiSDT my SiSDTers!

  5. Put a speech bubble on that poster of Martin Luther King Jr. and write, “I have a dream...that you’ll be my bestie FOREVER!!"

Photo credit: Creative Commons