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Student Who "Wants an Easy Class" Will Take One on Community Engagement

And it counted for a Sector Requirement!


Freshman Brave Enough to Be Alone At Any Point in Time

Where's her medal of honor?


Updated List of Events All Fraternities Must Attend

Workshop: what is a vagina?

Fall Break Offers Freshman First Big Chance to Assert Privilege Over Everyone

"I’ve been slowly building on my superiority for a while now."

Boy MERTs Himself After Swallowing Too Many Hey Day Hats

I feel like you should know you don’t eat them.

Fraternity Chooses Overly Confusing Fake Name for Event, No One Comes

Crazy Elephant Productions Limited Presents: 90s Downtown

Man Only Has Two Profile Pictures, Cannot Be Trusted

I should call the police, right?

A Cappella Group Somehow Confused as to Why There is a Weird Power Dynamic

Who knew a group full of kids who all want to be the center of attention could be problematic?

7 Mixer Themes for When You’ve Run Out of Ways to Be Classist

Anyone want to get ready for "I'm Better Than You" with me?

​The Top Events Feb Club Should Definitely End On

It's more than just discounted tickets to Mask and Wig.

8 Romantic Valentine’s Day Items You Can Get Delivered to Your Senator

You can’t ignore me forever, Sen. McConnell!

Sky Nature Trees Light Walk Winter Gray Snow

8 Early February Outfits That Say “Seasonal Affective Disorder is Real”

Just because we’re all sad and cold doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable!

Advice: Don't Take My Advice

What we wish we knew freshman year

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