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Claire Schmidt


Student Who "Wants an Easy Class" Will Take One on Community Engagement

And it counted for a Sector Requirement!

Penn Announces "Campus Denial of Real Issues" Event to Eliminate All Responsibility

What mental health problems? 

Freshman Brave Enough to Be Alone At Any Point in Time

Where's her medal of honor?

Decoding Your Venmo Charges: Penn Edition


Updated List of Events All Fraternities Must Attend

Workshop: what is a vagina?

Fall Break Offers Freshman First Big Chance to Assert Privilege Over Everyone

"I’ve been slowly building on my superiority for a while now."

Boy MERTs Himself After Swallowing Too Many Hey Day Hats

I feel like you should know you don’t eat them.

Fraternity Chooses Overly Confusing Fake Name for Event, No One Comes

Crazy Elephant Productions Limited Presents: 90s Downtown

Man Only Has Two Profile Pictures, Cannot Be Trusted

I should call the police, right?

A Cappella Group Somehow Confused as to Why There is a Weird Power Dynamic

Who knew a group full of kids who all want to be the center of attention could be problematic?

Student Panicked That Window to Post “miss this view!” Spring Break Instagram Has Passed


“PV was lit,” Says Frat Boy Whose Campus Popularity Depends on PV Being Lit

We totally believe you, Jake!

7 Mixer Themes for When You’ve Run Out of Ways to Be Classist

Anyone want to get ready for "I'm Better Than You" with me?

Professors Expand Meaning of “Midterm” to Include Whatever They Want

And you have one due tomorrow.

​The Top Events Feb Club Should Definitely End On

It's more than just discounted tickets to Mask and Wig.

Fraternity Under Fire for Sending out Valentine’s Day–Themed Party Invitation to Freshmen Women

Will U Be Mine? Love, the Patriarchy.

8 Romantic Valentine’s Day Items You Can Get Delivered to Your Senator

You can’t ignore me forever, Sen. McConnell!

8 Early February Outfits That Say “Seasonal Affective Disorder is Real”

Just because we’re all sad and cold doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable!

How to Make a Fun Sign for Your Little Out of the One You Made for the Women’s March

Your commitment to activism really shows.

Advice: Don't Take My Advice

What we wish we knew freshman year
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