Meghan Whittier (C ’18) was looking for an easy class. Something low–key and vaguely interesting, with a take–home final and no midterm. And after weeks of searching, asking for recommendations on various group chats, and scouring Penn Course Review for classes, she’s found one—URBS 247: Community Engagement and Empowerment in West Philadelphia.

“Everyone I talked to was like, ‘Oh yeah, this class is fantastic, a really wonderful look at honest engagement and interaction with the West Philadelphia community. Plus, there’s a take–home final.’ Once I heard the part about the final, I was sold,” said Whittier.

Whittier added that URBS 247 is “the perfect way for me to like, get a credit and a super easy Pass on my transcript. Not even totally sure what the class is about, but I’m sure it’s like, about the city and stuff.”

Whittier’s academic advisor, who declined to be named due to professionalism concerns, commented, “This class will be a fantastic way for Meghan to round out her transcript and expose her to new things.” When asked about the fact that Whittier appears to not understand the subject of the class, her advisor added, “Ideally she would understand the class subject already, but I’m sure she’ll get there. Probably.”

Whittier, speaking from her Radian apartment late last night, added, “I’m just truly so thankful that I found this class,” said Whittier. “I’d been looking for something to balance out my schedule for WEEKS, because like, I’m taking three real classes so I need like, a joke class or whatever.”

Whittier added that if URBS 247 didn’t work out, she could always take “like, a BS class on the history of oppression in the world, or something.”