Hit it: Canadian Citizenship

Quit it: Canada Goose

Might as well escape America before it’s too late. With Obama leaving office and Trump moving in, we should all get the hell out of here. Your $1000 coat won’t be enough protection from what’s about to go ~down~

Hit it: Benching

Quit it: Ghosting

Cuffing season is well under way, and being single is starting to look like a death sentence. Instead of ghosting your hookups, just put them on the bench. That way, on one of these cold winter nights, you’ll have a list of people to text for warmth. Benching allows you to save past hookups for future power plays -- ghosting leads to loneliness for everyone.

Hit it: Finsta on Rinsta

Quit it: Finsta in general

2017 is already the year of no filter, so stop hiding behind your fake instas and get out there and let everyone see the “real” you (new year, new me, amiright.) Trust us, you’re not the only one who has 7 chins, psychopathic boy obsessions, and a creepily impressive ability to binge watch Netflix. Let us all rejoice together.

Hit it: Long Breaks

Quit it: Short Breaks

Do as those who don’t give a shit about time and deadlines do and take the break you deserved, but didn’t receive. Even if you came back to campus for the day that marked the end of our ungodly short break, take off and relax for as long as you can. We recommend getting high and taking a mid-day shower just for the hell of it. Remember, we accept the breaks we think we deserve.

Hit it: January Joggers

Quit it: Joggers

New Year’s resolutions are in full swing and the gym is packed. But for how long? Join the craze and hurry to your desired Potruck floor. It’s time to trade in your elastic waistbands and start actually jogging (if you’re a more committed participant, you might even “run”). With a few trips to the gym you might actually be able to wear pants that aren’t of the sweat clothes variety. We don’t care how tapered the leg is, they are still sweatpants and you’re still lazy.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.