In stressful times and places (read: Penn 24/7), it's important to treat and take care of yourself. We've put together a non–exhaustive (but pretty cool) list of quirky and innovative beauty products to try out. 

Meme Box Black Luster Mask

This magnetic face mask claims to contain Dead Sea mud with over 24 kinds of vitamins and minerals for your skin. The mask goes on with a metal spatula—and then it gets removed with a magnet. Although it sounds painful, many YouTubers have reviewed the product quite positively and enjoy the novelty and clean feeling it gives you after. The mask is available for $52 on their website.

Milk Makeup Roll and Blot Papers

For only $10, Milk Makeup gives you the power to not only dab excess oil from your face but to also roll a joint. The Roll and Blot Papers double as blotting papers and rolling papers, offering maximum beauty versatility. The unique product fits in well with Milk Makeup’s youthful and quirky image—which is probably the reason that their products appear twice on this list.

Maya Cosmetics Halal Nail Polish

Traditional nail polishes are not usually made to be water and oxygen permeable, and therefore pose an issue to religious Muslims who wish to perform ablution (spiritual washing) before prayer. If they are wearing nail polish, then water cannot permeate the nail bed, and therefore the washing isn't complete. However, Maya Cosmetics and other companies have rolled out halal nail polishes that are water and oxygen permeable, and therefore make ablution possible. They offer a wide range of colors starting at $13.99 a bottle.

Blossom Lip Gloss and Perfume

Maybe this is makeup’s way of riding the “rose gold” trend that’s hot with just about everything, but flower–infused products not only look cool but also offer interesting and fresh scents. Forever 21 and other retailers are selling beautiful flower–infused lip glosses, starting at about $5.90. While Urban Outfitters has sold out of the flower–infused lipstick, their Petal Perfume Oil ($18) is just as trendy.

Milk Makeup Holographic Highlighter

This recently restocked highlighter may be Milk Makeup’s hottest product. This $28 shiny lavender highlighter is unique and offers a different type of glow for those days when you just want to be a bit extra. With its cosmic colors, this product is definitely something we can see popping out at music festivals, concerts and parties.

Etude HouseBubble Tea Sleep Pack

This cutely packaged overnight mask claims to hydrate and fill in fine lines over night. The product is shaped like a bubble tea drink and includes a little spoon to fish out the popping “boba” at the bottom! The boba are filled with tea extract, and when they pop on application, they are supposed to nourish the skin. The Bubble Sleep Pack comes in 3 “flavors"—green tea, black tea and strawberry—and each cost $13. 

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons