An unidentified off–campus fraternity has come under fire for a controversial email it sent to female freshman this week.

The email, sent from the account, was sent to an undisclosed amount of recipients, but appeared to include a majority of women in the freshman class. It had the subject line “Very Wonderful V–Day,” and was addressed to “Lovelies.”

However, the remainder of the poem turns into different, arguably more aggressive verses. Following the first stanza, which has positive phrases like, “We’re looking for the romantic ones/ And say no thank you to the ones who just want sex,” the letter appears to take a more contentious tone, addressing the recipients as “Bitches,” and including lines like, “Tonight is your first showing/ So please wear a super short skirt so we can make you feel really uncomfortable.”

Alexa Palacio (C '20), who received both this email and the controversial email sent earlier this year by off–campus fraternity OZ, commented, “I was impressed by how little they cared about rhyming and meter. I guess they just really wanted to get across their disdain for all women, even on Valentine’s Day.”

In an email to Street, the President of one on–campus fraternity emphasized that the organization that may have sent the email was unaffiliated with both the University and the Interfraternity Council (IFC), adding, “We absolutely do not condone this organization’s behavior, and will subsequently use it as an excuse to throw off–campus groups under the bus, even though we in the on–campus frats are pretty creepy too.”

The full text of the poem can be read below.


The day is now upon us

May we have your attention please

We’re looking for the romantic ones

And say no thanks to the ones who just want sex.

Just kidding.


V–Day night will get you going

With questionable jungle juice flowing all night

Tonight is your first showing

So please wear a super short skirt so we can make you feel really uncomfortable.

406 is where you’ll join us

Because our other house got shut down because of a drug thing (don’t worry about it)

Bring your friends

And anyone who hasn’t been warned about us yet