Halo Top Creamery

Your ultimate go–to ice cream on a diet, Halo Top produces low–calorie, low–sugar and high–protein ice cream—with all–natural ingredients. Inside one pint of the Lemon Cake flavor, there are only 240 calories, 6g fat and 16g sugar, all of which are about a fourth of the amount in Ben & Jerry’s. However, the lack of sugar does not correspond to a lack in taste. Halo Top uses organic stevia as a sugar replacement and an all–natural sweetener called Erythritol. The ice cream maintains its creaminess but is a bit lighter than your typical pint. The 17 flavors range from traditional choices like strawberry and mint chip, to more unique options like pistachio and black cherry. They don't disappoint, but can have a slight chalky texture if consumed straight from the freezer. Street advises that you let it sit out for a few minutes before diving into in this guilt–free treat. 

Where to Buy: Fresh Grocer, Whole Foods and Rittenhouse Market

Not to Miss: Red Velvet, Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate Almond Crunch

Taiwanese Shaved Ice

Taiwanese shaved ice is neither ice cream nor snow cone, but falls somewhere in between. It's more like thinly shaved ribbons of ice. Shaved ice has a unique texture, reminiscent of a frozen, denser cotton candy. The treat has gained popularity over the past few months: Winterfell Dessert, a local hotspot specializing in the frozen treat, has been packed since its opening this past summer. You can either build your own shaved ice or choose one of their preconfigured specials. Each sixteen–ounce cup comes with your chosen flavor of shaved ice as well as toppings and dressings.

At Winterfell, flavors options include “sweet” ones (honeydew, mango, strawberry, lychee) and “savory” ones (taro, sesame, green tea), and the toppings and dressings are similar to what a regular ice cream shop would offer.  It is best to enjoy a bite with a bit of ice and all the toppings so that you can enjoy the mixture of different textures and balance out the coldness. Bonus point: the interior design of Winterfell is very customer–friendly, with pop music videos playing on four screens, comfortable sofas and (childhood) board games.

Where to Buy: Winterfell Dessert, 32 S. 40th Street

Not to Miss: “Taipei” (green tea shaved ice with red bean, mochi and grass jelly toppings)

Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream

This dairy manufacturer from Boonville, NY has paired two of people’s favorite things—wine and ice cream—together in a beautiful, paper pint of joy. The blend did not disappoint. Not only did it taste just like the perfect, frozen combination between wine, cream and milk, but Mercer’s wine ice cream also gives you that same warmth in the stomach that you will feel after you take a sip of wine. That’s because Mercer’s uses actual alcohol as a flavoring: the product contains up to 5% alcohol by volume. Technically, it’s an “adult dessert,” restricted to those lucky few who have passed their 21st birthday. With ten flavors organized by wine type (blush, sparkling and white), Mercer’s pairs the notes of the wine with a similar ice cream flavor. For example, “Shiraz” is the product of bite–size dark chocolate cups filled with raspberry and Shiraz wine, which is known for its rich aromas of berry and smoky orange peel. Order a few pints online and impress your friends at your next night in!

Where to Buy: available to order from their website

Not to Miss: Riesling, Cherry Merlot, Shiraz


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