Now you can keep classes in your pocket.

Canvas also has a free app, available for both Android and Apple, and will work on an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

Danielle Lorenz (N '18) said, “I just like that it’s so convenient. You can check your grades on the go, things like that, check your assignments.“

The Canvas app, by Instructure, is available in 17 different languages and allows you to do most of the functions of the website, including sending and receiving messages, submitting assignments, viewing and uploading files and checking grades. It includes a calendar function, as well a to–do list. The app also allows you to mark up and highlight readings as you view them on your phone.

“I like that it pretty much mirrors the way it’s formatted online,” Danielle said. “I’d say I like the website a little bit better, but the app’s still really good.”

For one thing, it’s a lot easier than having to enter your PennKey and click through multiple links and screens on your phone in order to see your grade after getting an e–mail. The app sends notifications when professors upload files, update grades and add assignments, and it doesn’t require you to log in every time.

However, the app does have its downsides. “The one thing I would say is that the comments on assignments are a little difficult to read, but you could still access them which is good,” Danielle said.

The constant connection to grades, assignments and academics can be problematic. It can be stressful to receive an instant notification when an assignment is graded or a professor has just assigned another paper. This problem also occurs when you have your Penn email synced to your phone.

But for some, Canvas’ reminders help them stay on top of their academic workload, and they like being able to view things instantly.

“I like the reminders that it gives you… and I like to know pretty much immediately what my grades are, so I do like that feature,” said Danielle.


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