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Aliya Chaudhry


Status Update: Social Media News Round-Up

What’s changing, why it’s changing and why we’re mad about it

Your Instagram Feed Will Never Be the Same

New updates include security codes and sensitivity screens

Text Smarter with Word Flow

Now you won't have to risk spilling your coffee to answer that text

PSA: There's a Canvas App

There's an app for that.

Smart Clothing

When your outfit doesn’t just make you look smarter, but is smarter.

Digital Long Distance

“No amount of heart emojis can communicate what you’re actually trying to say.”

Facebook and the Future of News

Like my status for an update on the future of journalism

Are Screens Good for Teens?

Mom, stop telling me to go play outside.


What if there was a way to diagnose a medical problem without walking in to a doctor’s office?

Do You Have Election Stress Disorder?

Has this election season got you feeling upset, distressed or anxious? Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the future of the country?

Accessible Art

POST opens its doors this October.

Pros and Cons of the iPhone 7

Good thing the speakers are loud because we've already lost the headphones.


I would be lost without my religion. And my iPhone.

Tour It Up, Tour It Up

When you've gone through the college admissions process twice and college tours still stun you.

Reputation vs Reality

An incoming transfer student grapples with Penn's press coverage.

Halfway Home for the Summer

I feel more at home in an airport than I do in most cities.
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