I only have one thing that I really, really care about during my tenure as Editor–in–Chief: leaving the magazine off in better shape than when I first received it. Of course, I didn't know at the time what that would entail. I didn't realize it would mean restructuring to include four days of new online content. I had no clue it would involve cutting the Round Up. And of course, I never could have possibly dreamed that it meant a shift from Thursday to Wednesday print. 

34th Street will be printed on Wednesday next semester. What does this mean? It means more publicity. It means more exposure. It gives the magazine a chance to breathe on its own, establish its own brand and have a presence on campus that it's never before had. Street won't be hidden in the confines of a print Daily Pennsylvanian anymore, it will have the chance to exist autonomously. 

Big changes aren't just in store for Street though. The print Daily Pennsylvanian will be offered Mondays and Thursdays, as opposed to four days a week. This focused shift towards a stronger, faster online presence means one thing: we're making good on our promise to be better. We're allowing print products the time and energy they need to truly be great while also driving our attention further towards what really matters: quality journalism and sharp reporting. 

My biggest goal is to leave Street having improved, having grown under me. I truly believe this will help the magazine, and I am unbelievably proud and excited to lead 34th Street through the transition.