Whether you lack confidence, discipline, or self–motvation, there's always one thing you've got handy: an excuse to not go to Pottruck. But there’s less of an excuse to skip your workout if you never have to leave home. Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of ways to put in a decent workout without opening your door.


Who needs to pay $50 a semester for classes at Pottruck when there are so many free offerings online? Personal trainers who usually charge an arm and a leg to attend similar classes in person have free videos and demos ol the internet. POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube offers a multitude of classes with various difficulty levels, lengths, and target areas.

Use this workout when:

You need to remind yourself just how long its been since you have moved your body. 

Targeted Workouts

A lot of independent Youtubers share their own personal strength and muscle building at-home techniques online. Want a firmer booty? Tighter abs? Toned arms? There is probably a Youtuber with a 5–10 minute tutorial on how to start the process!

Use this Workout When: 

You don't feel like using, or don't have access to machines.


For those of us looking for something more relaxing, there are also plenty of yoga routines and tutorials available online as well. Yoga in solitude can be a great mind reset. Your wallet will also thank you.

Use this Workout When: 

An all nighter leaves your muscles and mind tense. 

Dance Tutorials

Finally, if you don’t like the idea of exercise, masking it as dance may help out. Dance studios often put up dance tutorials and choreography showings online. Check them out, enjoy and try it yourself! Even if you “can’t dance,” you'll have a great time and also burn some calories while you’re at it. 

Use this Workout When: 

Boredom strikes and you catch yourself lip syncing and dancing in the mirror on a Tuesday night.