Sex. To quote Cruel Intentions, (most)  "everyone does it, it's just that nobody talks about it." Street's new column aims to change that. We want to open up an honest and inclusive forum to talk about doing it. Here's this week's question:

Is it possible for women to orgasm from just penetration?

Yes! While it’s not super common, it’s definitely possible. An Indiana University study on sexual behaviors found that only 64% of women reported climax the last time they had sex (including but not always limited to penetration). That same study found that while men can maximize orgasm potential with penetration, for women, variety is the spice of life. That is to say, women are more likely to reach orgasm with a variety of sex acts.

This may seem daunting, but, trust me, it's good news. The pursuit of the often–elusive "getting off" should be fun. And you basically have my blessing to go forth and engage in as many consensual sex acts as possible to get there. 

Ever heard of the G-spot? It’s basically a small “ball” that’s on the top inside wall of your vagina, about two–or–so inches up. When it’s toggled around enough (along with clitoral stimulation) it can cause some serious Os. If you’re trying get off just by putting the P in the V, you’re going to have a blast, don’t get me wrong, but you’re probably not going to have that mind–blowing–best–sex–you’ve–ever–had.

So, now we run into the question, “what positions are best for hitting that (g)–spot? Well, Grasshopper, let me teach you.

Doggy Style: Arguably the best position for both parties, being on your hands and knees puts pressure on the G-spot, making it easier to stimulate during penetration. (This position is also the best for other reasons, including a bit of hair pulling, depth control, and it’s great for lazy people because no major muscle groups are strained, which, let’s be real, is ideal. Plus, it’s great for a quickie).

Girl on Top: Being on top means you’re in control (men love a woman in control). When she’s on top, she’s in full control of the depth, rhythm, pace and angle of her hips, which will ensure she’s hitting her G–spot (bonus points if you do a little lean back and grab your partner's ankles. Show off what you’ve been practicing in Core Power Yoga).

So to all the frustrated (wink wink) ladies out there, don't despair. There's certainly a learning curve to penetrative orgasms, but practice makes perfect. So get to work, and don't forget to enjoy!


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