Sleep Deprivation Won't Cure My Depression

The mental fog rolled over often, shrouding the different lobes of my brain.

I didn't know I could be raped and still look normal.

I lived my life imprisoned by his actions, and he just lived his life. 


Living with PTSD at Penn

I try to be kind to myself.



Advice And Virtue: Started From the Bottom

Need some guidance? Miss Appropriation has got you covered.

Point: High Sex Is Best

Weed calms those awkward pre–sex jitters and makes 69ing not suck, apparently.

Ask a Sexpert: The Big O

Sex. To quote Cruel Intentions, (most)  "everyone does it, it's just that nobody talks about it." Street's new column aims to change that.

Counterpoint: Why Weed And Sex Don't Mix

'Cause any situation that forces you to chose between a doughnut and an orgasm is simply unacceptable

WOTS gender fluidity-2 online.jpg

I Am Gender–Fluid, And Yes, It's Confusing For Me Too.

I don’t want to do this.

I stood in front of our middle school locker room door, tugging nervously at my ponytail.

Advice and Virtue: Surviving Fling

How to make it through Spring Fling without losing your sanity, your friends, your decent GPA and your faith in humanity.

She Comes First

I’ve always been a big fan of going down. I mean, first of all, it’s fun, and not just for the one getting the service.

I am alone in this.

Sometimes I see him in Van Pelt and have a panic attack. 

The Post I Should Have Written

Consuming Identity

I went through eating trends. For example, the period where I only ate oatmeal for every meal. Or the period where I ate nothing till 4 p.m. and then, like clockwork, I ate everything I could find, only to throw it up half an hour later.

An Open Letter to People Who Still Use Too Much Tongue

Something to chew on...

Blackout Sex is Rape

I felt so hollow.

Word on the Street: Four

[Trigger warning: Rape and Sexual Assault] Yesterday I turned 20. If we’re talking numbers, mine is 22.

Advice and Virtue: Dating a Pledge

Miss Appropriation gives some tips on how to maintain your relationship during the dark months of pledging

Election Reflection: Connor Fenn '20

This is not the America I knew.

Street's Resident Sexpert Answers Your Questions

Street answers your most pressing questions about sex.

Cloud of Love

Benefits Without the Baggage

How to have casual sex consistently.

Election Reflection: Anonymous C'17

I am a twenty-one-year-old woman and a senior in the College; last July a man whose name I don’t know raped me; last night this country knowingly elected a serial predator.

It Is Not Your Fault

Loving Sex After Assault

Getting my wings back


It is not just one night

Drunk Disney

God bless you, CGI budget of a 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie.

WOTS Love Week: Betraying the Blowjob Brigade

How I learned to accept my non–virgin status in a culture that shuns premarital sex.

What I Cost

You told me I deserved it.

Love statue

Ask A Sexpert: Location, Location, Location

This week, Street's sex tips focus on where to do, well, whatever it is you crazy kids are doing.

The Daily Pennsylvanian-20160208182813

WOTS Love Week: Coming Out Swinging

I started exploring late in the game, and now I'm stuck with more questions than answers.

WOTS Love Week: Finding The "I" In Love

Realizing why I didn't love myself helped me learn how to do so.

Hard to Say

A Penn student speaks out about abusive relationships in college.

When You Use the Word “Survivor”

It’s sexual assault awareness month. Here’s my story.


Music Helps Me Cope with Anxiety

How I learned to use music as a self–help tool

He Took Anyway

It’s such a cliché to blame yourself, but I did. 

I Fell in Love With My Best Friend. Then She Was Gone.

Discovering my sexuality through love and loss

Why Cocaine Is Holding Us Back

What it's like to participate in Penn's drug culture.

Change Will Be Made

Like a broken bone, I’ve healed stronger than I used to be.


I'm a different person because of that night.

Election Reflection: Anonymous C'18

Our next president sparks my PTSD.

Advice and Virtue: All About Anal

Someone's knocking on the back door, and Street's answering

Word on the Street: Sharing Semen

Walking out of VP on Saturday afternoon, I had five new Grindr messages. Booyah. Three messages were from an old “professional type” looking for a twinky college boy, and the others were from a steamy grad student in the School of Design.

WOTS Love Week: Parental Advisory

When "it's complicated" doesn't even scratch the surface.


It seemed like my childhood was taken from me all at once.

Dispatch: Does Pineapple Make Semen Taste Better?

Based on the results in this scientific study, we conclude that pineapple affects semen taste and love is complicated.

An Open Letter to Boys Who Bite

Something to chew on...

The Order of a Disorder

I first learned how to make myself throw up during my junior year of high school.

pits copy (1).jpg

When You Realized You Loved Me Too Late

On confusing friendship, bad timing, and self–discovery

A Tinder Love Story (Sorta)

I’ve always had really great luck with Tinder. While I usually just use the dating app because I get swipe happy and like the confidence boost, I’ve actually met some really cool guys on it.

The Man Behind the Mascot

What it's like to be the Quaker.

Election Reflection: Anonymous (C'18, C'18)

America was born in Philadelphia, a city that stands for liberty, civil rights and unity.

Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

I’m so used to measuring achievements, setting goals from numbers and letters. In my first year at Penn, the number of clubs I joined, hours I slept and shots I took became critical to the equation.

Tell Me Again Why I Shouldn't Be So Angry

Rape culture on this campus is perceived as benign.

25i, 2cb, and 2c, Oh My!

For when regular old drugs just don't cut it anymore.

Sex and the Street-y

This is an artform, dammit. 

My Vagina Doesn't Work

Chronic yeast infections, UTIs and low estrogen.

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