Today marks the first day in the history of 34th Street Magazine that the print edition will be offered as a stand alone—not within the pages of a copy of The Daily Pennsylvanian, not nestled and hidden away and difficult to find without significant effort. 

It feels a little vulnerable, in a way. Like it or not, Street has always had the cushion of being folded neatly away into a DP paper. Now, we're on our own. Street stands completely by itself. But luckily, it has what it needs to push itself forward. 

So much about Street has changed, not only throughout my first semester as Editor–in–Chief, but throughout the years. We've evolved from a Philadelphia arts magazine to a publication that explores Penn culture, art and life. We've dedicated a full page to first–person narrative, giving student voices the space it deserves—not just a column. We cleared out old voices and tones and made way for the new. 

Of course, there's always places in which we can grow, places we can evolve. If you look at anything, anything at all, and see nothing to change, you're not looking hard enough. I want this magazine to grow into every student's staple—where you go to read things that make you engage, learn, and enjoy your peer's words. 

That's where you (the reader) comes in. I hope you view Street as a resource. I hope it's where you go for advice, for humor, and for a place to use your voice and share your thoughts. If you see a gap in the narrative, fill it yourself. If Street is missing a voice, lend yours. Come share your words with us—we'd love to hear them.  

And, of course, please enjoy the very first stand alone issue of Street. I hope you find as much joy in it as I do.