Here's the deal, kiddos - we learned some of these lessons the hard way. Now, you shouldn't have to. 

•  Don't take Econ just because everyone else is.     •   College is a Petri dish of illness–if you drink straight from the handle of Bankers, you will get mono.   •   Don’t wear your ID badge around campus.   •   Don’t take preceptorials too seriously.   •   Your new white sneakers are going to get trashed and you’ll have to accept that now.   •   Don’t skip out on hall events for NSO parties.   •   Don't stress out if you don't love your first going out group during NSO—That's what darties and BYOs are for!   •   Always take the plunge. Join all the clubs you find interesting right off the bat because it's the best way to meet friends. It's always easier to quit if you end up not liking it than it is to join late in the game.   •   Listen when your RA explains how not to be locked out of your room.   •   To get the most out of college you need to make friends but you may also need to lose friends—mistreatment is too high a cost for inclusion.   •   Don't be afraid to drop classes or change majors—everyone does it.   •   Take all your AP credits because there's no such thing as an easy general requirement.   •   Downtowns are lame and people will step on your feet. 10/10 avoid.   •   Don't take yourself too seriously.     •   Don't drop Music Theory for Math 104.   •   Actually befriend your RA...they could be your best friend or worst enemy when the unexpected happens.   •   Be the nicest person ever to your roommate and hope they return the effort.   •   Educate yourself on mental health strategies so you can stay healthy and support others.   •   Get involved. Don't waste your time at Penn. There's cool stuff to do here, so do it.  •