With Halloween and its accompanying deluge of parties quickly approaching, students are scrambling to find cheap and reasonably revealing #looks. Fortunately, Highbrow’s here for you. We’ve thought up some costume’s that scream "I'm not confident enough to just wear lingerie and cat ears." And for inspiration, we looked no further than Penn's campus and its many inhabitants. 

The Evangelical Protesters on Locust

You know them. You probably don't love them.

All you need to pull off this costume is:

· An abnormally large sign

· A booming voice 

· The facial expression of a thousand tortured souls

The Mice in the Quad 

The real dynamic duo: the rodents in Riepe and your favorite pair of sneakers. . If you can't beat 'em, use them as inspo for your costume. All you need is:

· Mouse ears!

· A voracious appetite for anything in sight 

· Possibly a modern strand of the bubonic plague 

Prez Amy Gutmann

If you simply didn't have enough time to put a robot costume together, this one is a close second. Though we see Joe Biden, now a prestigious Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor (whatever that means) more than our university's president, Amy is an easily recognizable icon of Penn to pull off with:

· A perma–smile

· One Betsy DeVos style skirt suit

· One (or more) permanent residence(s) in New York City


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