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Caleb Crain


Inside the Penn Museum’s Efforts to Respect Native American Origins of Artifacts

As new federal regulations come into effect, the Penn Museum is continuing to rectify their previous mistakes.

A Campus Tradition Unlike Any Other

Penn Marriage Pact brings together students trying to find love, a hookup, or something else entirely.

A College Student’s Guide to Grocery Shopping

Or, how to not look stupid after spending 30 minutes in Acme

'Speed Racer' and the Anatomy of a Cult Classic

Reflections on the Wachowski siblings’ anime adaptation as it turns 15.

Penn Palates, Drexel Plates

Why Penn students should explore the world of Drexel food trucks—and a few suggestions

Barbenheimer Shows the Power of the Internet in Hollywood

The meme–fueled online phenomenon is powering results at the box office.

Review from Abroad: Coded Explores Humanity’s Greatest Transition

The Los Angeles art exhibit zeroes in on the early days of the Computer Age.

The Western is Dead. Long Live the Western

 Even though audiences may have shifted away from classic tropes, the genre still has essential truths to tell 

Becoming a Swiftie, Slowly

Listening to Taylor Swift for the first time is an experience. 

Lorenzo di Bonaventura's Transformation: From Wharton to West Hollywood

 Transformers producer discusses his beginnings at Wharton, that lead him to the business of film. 

Succession: The Modern American Melodrama

Soap opera meets Shakespeare to create this fan favorite tv show.

The Gospel of Reddit

Why a site most associated with the Internet’s seediest corners has become my ideal virtual town square.
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