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Anna O'Neill–Dietel


Aging Against the Script

Life and love after 60 on 'The Golden Bachelor'

The Rise and Fall of "It" Water Bottles

Just like "It Girls," water bottles live rent free in our minds.

Pizza Meets Mexican at Tonalli

At this family–owned BYOB, Mexican dishes—and the unique pizzas they inspire—shine.

From Stars Hollow to Your Closet, the 'Gilmore Girls' Aesthetic Returns

The recent online craze surrounding the show's influence on fall fashion is a mark of the show’s enduring association with fall.

Rent, Ride, and Refresh

How Tulu is bringing a new age of convenience to Philadelphia

Climbing to New Heights

Penn's free wall is revolutionizing campus climbing.

Dating Across Campuses and Time Zones

Juggling long distant romance and the challenges that come along with it as a college student

Wawa Worship in Philadelphia

While Wawa and summer go hand–in–hand for Philadelphians, their relationship isn't always sunny. 

The Modern Nature Documentary: Escapism or a Call to Action?

Nature documentaries are gradually acknowledging anthropogenic impacts, making for rousing television.

The College Student’s Guide to National Parks

How to score the best deals, beat the crowds, and most importantly enjoy the outdoors.

Academia, Angst, and Adulting: Six Movies to Watch to Get Rid of Postgrad Blues

These six films, which range from playful rom–coms to satirical social critiques, all have something to say about adulting.

The Trails That Connect Us

Philadelphia's many walking and biking trails are supported by a network of organizations that make outdoor access possible.

Food Insecurity: Now A Common Reality

Inflation and cuts to SNAP benefits are driving a rapid uptick in food insecurity across Philadelphia.

Urban Exploration: More Than an Adrenaline Rush

Urban exploration, a growing subculture at Penn, is a way for students to connect with history, bond with friends, and make art.

A High School Experience Marked by Watered Down Lessons, Inadequate Resources, and Isolation

COVID-19 and inequality harmed a generation just entering Penn. Professors and administrators are adjusting to this new reality.

The Public Restroom Shortage and the Ongoing Discrimination Against Philadelphians Experiencing Homelessness

Programs like the Public Restroom Pilot will make a difference, but there’s work to be done to solve the city’s lack of access to basic sanitation.
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