Often, artists’ expressions of their struggles can help listeners feel less alone in their personal battles, and it’s important for fans and artists alike to speak up about their experiences.

This playlists contains songs written specifically about mental health. The 1975’s Matty Healy said “She Lays Down” is about his mother’s struggle with postpartum depression. All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth has described “Missing You” as about addiction in general. Tonight Alive’s “Temple” addresses depression and eating disorders while The Wonder Years’ “The Devil in My Bloodstream” mentions depression. Sleeping with Sirens’ “Better Off Dead” tells the story of a character with suicidal thoughts. Pierce the Veil’s “Bulls in the Bronx” was sparked by the story of a fan’s suicide. dodie’s “6/10” is about social anxiety. Milk Teeth frontwoman/bassist Becky Blomfield said that “Driveway Birthday” was about her struggles with eating disorders. Mallory Knox’s “Better Off Without You," sometimes titled or subtitled “Citalopram," after the depression medication, is about bassist/vocalist Sam Douglas’ experience with anxiety, therapy and being misdiagnosed with depression.

Paramore’s latest album, "After Laughter," deals with depression as one of its themes, but this playlist includes “Rose Colored Boy” and “Fake Happy” as examples of songs about speaking up and concealing mental health battles. Bring Me the Horizon’s music has addressed a range of mental health issues. 2013’s "Sempiternal" was written after Oli Sykes spent a month in rehab for treatment for ketamine addiction. Sykes described 2015’s "That’s the Spirit" as “a celebration of depression.” The song “Avalanche” was informed by frontman Oli Sykes being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.


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