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Aliya Chaudhry


Alt–Rock Side and Solo Projects You Need to Check Out

Because having two bands is cooler than having one.

And The Album Of The Year Is...

Move over, Grammys. Street Beats present to you nominations for Album of the Year.

Interviewing Waterparks Frontman Awsten Knight

How I Stay Sober at Penn

Religion and personal preference keeps me away from alcohol 

What in the World is a Visualizer?

Pete Wentz, diving boards, and internet fairies

Music on (and about) Mental Health

Finding ways to express mental health struggles through music

Music, Mental Health, and Fame

How music both helps and hurts mental health

The Rise of the Concept Album

How the concept album is thriving in the age of the single

The Live Album Is So Underrated

Let your life feel like a never–ending concert with the live album

Friday the 13th Playlist

Get spooky

Fake But Great: The Best and Wildest Musical Marketing Strategies

From mail to missing posters and fake weddings, here are some of the most inventive ways artists have promoted their music.

Album Review: Sleeping With Sirens - Gossip

Sleeping with Sirens' change in direction needs more mapping out

MTV Unplugged: A History

A look back at how artists went acoustic for MTV

Cecily Chen's Weird and Wonderful Vinyl Collection

For the record, Cecily has everything from punk rock to William Burroughs on vinyl.
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