Although overshadowed by the illustrious Amy G, Dean of Admissions Eric J. Furda is a Penn administrator that all undergrads here have had the pleasure of interacting with in one way or another. However, the man is hard to find, and unless you are camped outside of 1 College Hall, you probably won’t get to know him very well in your years at Penn. So let Highbrow do the digging, and let’s all learn a little more about Penn’s sceniest dean of admissions.

For starters, like many faculty at Penn, Furda once walked Locust like the rest of us pedestrians. Furda first came to Penn as a student in 1983, and during his time here, Furda was apparently the star of the sprint football team. Teammates described Furda as not much of a hell raiser, but more of a lead–by–example kind of guy—boring.

Nowadays, Furda’s noble ways of the past seem to be all but a memory. Spotted at pool party last semester, Furda has finally succumbed to the corruption of Penn, making him yet another face to SABS with. Heck, even Kevin Hart chatted up the dean at a Sixers game. Kind of ridiculous for an administrator, right? Here are some other notable things about our dean of admissions.

  1. Dean Furda is, well, kind of short. At only 5’9, he is shorter than the average American man. At least he’s got a jawline to boot. 
  2. He used to be in charge of admissions at Columbia, way back when. Although his career in admissions started at Penn, Furda spent a good part of his early adulthood doing a stint in New York, like the majority of other Penn graduates. 
  3. Want to know what he is up to? Under the Button keeps tabs on Dean Furda at any given moment, because, well, they are obsessed. And let’s be honest, Furda probably tips them off himself.
  4. Dean Furda loves Frontera. Well, at least he loves sitting outside of Frontera. That’s actually the only place I have ever seen him on campus. But is it any surprise that Penn’s sceniest administrator would be caught SABS–ing on Locust? Certainly not.
  5. Dean Furda is the godfather to the son of former Penn wide receiver Sean Madden. That’s pretty cool, right?
  6. Want to recreate that infamous red and blue gingham look? Just buy this shirt from Brooks Brothers.