With the mid-semester slump upon us, these are the drinks necessary to power you through your long days (and nights) of studying.

Workload: Lecture Readings

Drink: Coffee

Caffeine: 95 mg

Coffee is like a warm hug comforting you for, once again, putting off ten chapters of reading for the last minute. Sure, the syllabus said it's all "required", but you didn't think the professor would expect you to actually know it for the exam.  At least holing up in a cafe all day comes with its advantages: It's the perfect way to rebuild your intellectual image after too many slurred Snap stories  this semester.

Workload: Problem Set

Drink: Red Bull

Caffeine: 111 mg

So you have a problem set due at 11:59, but plans for Smokes' at 12:01. Red Bull is the ideal drink to take you from work hard to play hard. If you love living on the edge, add a shot of vodka to your drink when you reach your final problem for a smooth transition into your pregrame. Didn’t submit it on time? Well, at least you're already tipsy.

Workload: Multiple Midterms

Drink: 5-Hour Energy

Caffeine: 215 mg

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon: the leaves are falling, the sun is shining, and the fall breeze is blowing. Well, at least that’s what it looks like from the Van Pelt Basement windows. Who has time to enjoy the season when you have three midterms next week. 5–Hour Energy will give you the long–term focus necessary for a full day of studying. Just don’t focus on stalking everyone’s pumpkin patch photos.

Workload: Timed Practice Exam

Drink: Monster

Caffeine: 160 mg

To pound out a 2–hour practice exam in one sitting, you need to get HYPED. The combined sugar-caffeine hit from Monster will put you in the zone to work under a time constraint and make you feel insanely motivated. But, beware: the energy overload might simulation the real pre-test jitters a little too closely.

Workload: All–Nighter

Bonus: Awake Chocolate Bar

Caffeine: 101 mg

3am in your GSR: Energy is running low, your stomach is grumbling, and Pret has been closed for hours. What do you do? Grab a caffeinated treat to power you through the night. Sold at Gourmet Grocer, the energy-infused candy bar will satisfy your hunger and perk you up. Besides, after this Hell Week, you're probably sick of the taste of coffee. 


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