I honestly and truly can't think of a better time for Street's list of Most Eligible Bachelorettes to come out. Seriously, think about it. I feel like I haven't gotten good news in weeks. This semester has been shitty. People are low energy and stressed out and just wholly not happy to be at Penn. 

The news is dismal. Politics are miserable and something about the last couple of months just feel off—dark and generally unhappy. 

As a publication, it's Street's job to deliver news. But I can't help but feel the need to also provide something fun or a little heartwarming. Sometimes, you just want to pick up a paper and read something interesting, or entertaining, or something that makes you think hard about an art exhibit (page 24) or the temporality of friendships (page 14). The news exists to inform, but I also think there's room for sharing positivity, even if it's in some kind of small way. 

There's something important about celebrating the little wins. We're constantly surrounded by genuinely horrible news, and it's so, so important to be exposed to the lighter and happier things. 

But, in another way, Street's Most Eligible Bachelorettes isn't even that small or that light. We need more celebration—especially the celebration of some brilliant, accomplished, and super talented ladies. So please, enjoy Street's list of some amazing women at Penn. I hope it brings you the same sense of admiration and joy it brings me.