It's convenient. It's reasonably priced. It's a solid ten feet away from discount avocados. Our beloved Fresh Grocer's beer garden is unequivocally The Shit. Here's our definitive round up on the best Fro Gro wines. 

Best Bang for Your Buck: Barefoot ($6.99)

If you’re looking for a cheap option that’s a little classier than Franzia, Barefoot is the way to go. It comes in just about every variety, and you can’t beat the price.

Best Reds: Collier Creek Pinot Noir ($10.99) and Roscato Rosso Dolce ($11.99)

For a sweeter red, Roscato is the perfect choice. If you’re afraid of bitter wines but want to try a red, this slightly fizzy and very gentle wine is the perfect choice. 

For those looking for a more moderate red, Pinot Noir is in the middle of the red spectrum: not sweet, but not too bitter. Collier Creek offers a solid Pinot at a reasonable price.

Best White: Ava Grace Chardonnay ($8.99)

If you haven’t noticed, at least 75% of the white wines in Fro Gro are chardonnays. Chardonnay is a solid choice, and the Ava Grace is one of the best options.

Best Rosé: Rosé de Bonnet ($13.99)

While Street cannot claim to have tried every white and red at Fro Gro, we did taste all the rosés. This is hands down the best one.  

Best Bubbly: LaMarca ($13.99)

Fro Gro has many more prosecco options than champagne, so you're probably better off with the former. LaMarca is the best of the bunch (in Street’s humble opinion), but really, it’s hard to wrong with prosecco.


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