Penn doesn't grace the small screen as often as some of its Ivy League counterparts (looking at you, Gilmore Girls), but we've got a wide range of representation in more shows than you might expect.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Probably the first show you think of when you think of Penn, although Dennis and Dee are not the smartest of characters. Dennis was in Delta Omega Lambda, and even though we do have a million frats with quirky nicknames, it definitely does not exist here. Even if it did, no Penn student would write "I CHUG DICK" over a former member's pic because that would risk their chances of getting a job at Paddy's Pub. Finally, Dee apparently failed all her classes at Penn (actually failed, not just got a B), which is also not a very Penn thing to do.

Addams Family

No, this is not because everyone at Penn only wears black clothing. Charles Addams, a cartoonist and Penn alum, seems to have based the Addams Family mansion on College Hall. In fact, he drew a cover of the Penn Gazette in 1973 with the Addams Family in front of College Hall. In my opinion, they don't look too much alike, but if the internet says so, I'll believe it.

Pretty Little Liars

Coming from a family of lawyers, you could only expect Spencer Hastings to go to a top school like Penn. I think a lot of people were surprised when the smartest girl in the group was rejected from her early decision school after putting so much work into her application. Even though the college process is sometimes unfair, I really think she should've gotten in. Some people even believe that A had something to do with her rejection. Of course, she would be controlled by As even at Penn.

2 Broke Girls

If you've seen this show, you know Caroline is the most typical Wharton student ever. For starters, she reminds everyone she went to Wharton at every possible opportunity, which is almost a requirement for being a Whartonite (@Trump). In addition, she's very competitive, especially when people say they went to “other schools”—aka Harvard. Most importantly, she's determined and business–oriented, and we all know Max's Homemade Cupcakes would be doomed without Caroline's help.

The Simpsons

Even The Simpsons gives us a shoutout with their character Lindsey Naegle. Lindsey is a child–hating alcoholic who is a member of the Springfield Republican Party. She's more commonly known for having an astounding amount of jobs, including but not limited to: network executive, marketing researcher, financial planner, and venture capitalist. Every time she appears in the show she has a new job that's always somehow in business, which is unsurprising considering she went to Wharton.


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