Very few cities get to experience the insanity that is hosting a Super Bowl team (unless, of course, you are from Pittsburgh or Boston) so you should take advantage of being in Philadelphia while you can. If you haven’t heard, the Eagles and the Patriots are in the Super Bowl and there are literally hundreds of places that you can watch the game in the city. From local sports bars to your neighbor’s house, you can’t really go wrong. But, since it can be a bit overwhelming, we rounded up some of our favorite spots across the city to enjoy what has become a national holiday. 

The Blue Cross RiverRink 

Watch the game in the winter wonderland known as Winterfest at Penn’s Landing at Blue Cross’s RiverRink. You can skate while you watch the game on one of two big screens (Ed. note: Wow! Ice skating and football! So athletic!). You also have the option of all–you–can–eat Chickie’s and Pete’s as well as the opportunity to reserve a 10–person table with open bar privileges. 

Chickie’s and Pete’s 

Speaking of Chickie’s and Pete’s, this famous Philadelphia sports bar is the perfect place to watch the birds drive one through the red zone while munchin’ on Crab Fries. What’s better than singing the Eagles fight song surrounded by the dust of a million crab fries?! 

Xfinity Live! 

The location that is Xfinity Live! (who can even describe it? Part sports bar, part stadium, part block party?) is the probably closest thing to actually being in Minnesota for the game. Well, besides the $10K ticket and sub–zero temperatures. This is for sure be the place to be in Philadelphia during the game, since the NFL hates Philadelphia and won’t let us broadcast the game in the stadium. 


Surprise! It isn’t just for downtowns and date nights! For $75, you can have access to 5 hours of an open bar and a “tailgate style buffet” (Chicken wings? Unclear.) all while watching the game on some huge screens. 

At Home 

While it might be fun to watch the game with 1,000 of your closest friends, everyone knows that the best place to watch the game is parked in front of the TV with a bowl of guac and a case of beer. Check out how to throw the best superbowl party in the comfort of your own home.