Super Bowl 2018 has come and gone. The Underdogs won against all odds and Philly fans rioted in the streets, but there's one Super Bowl mainstay we did predict: some damn good ads. Here's the rundown for everyone who went to the bathroom or got beer during the commercial breaks.


1. NFL

There’s just something about two men running into each other’s arms that just gets me going. This ad featured Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning perfecting “the move” à la Dirty Dancing (or Crazy Stupid Love). Somehow, even though neither of these men were playing in the game on Sunday night, they managed to win everything.

2. Amazon Alexa

As an avid Amazon Echo user, this commercial really got me thinking. The ad looks at what would happen if Alexa lost her voice, and several familiar voices had to step in for her. Celebrity cameos are always a win, and this time was no different, with Amazon inserting crowd favorites like Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, and Cardi B responding to everyday Alexa questions. Honestly, this ad was perfect. 

3. Doritos and Mountain Dew

This ad is weird, like really weird. But I like weird, especially when it includes Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman, a pair I couldn’t have dreamt up. First, Peter Dinklage is dancing with fire surrounding him, and it’s an ad for Doritos! But wait, now Morgan Freeman is rapping and it’s an ad for Mountain Dew! It’s a battle for the ages, and honestly, it looks like they both won. 


1. Febreeze

Not that I’m against bathroom humor, but this ad that literally is about pooping may have missed the mark. It shows interviews about a man whose “bleep” doesn’t stink, but how the rest of us obviously need Febreeze. It made me uncomfortable in a way only ads whose ideal audience is 10–year–old boys who laugh every time someone says “toilet.” 

2. Groupon

Tiffany Haddish can do no wrong. That’s why I was slightly disappointed by this Groupon ad, which fails to capture how hilarious she can be. Instead, she’s just walking down the street talking to the audience about supporting local businesses, feeling like it was filmed during her 20 minute lunch break.


3. Ram Trucks

Ram Trucks used a Martin Luther King Jr. speech to advertise trucks, suggesting that truck owners and Dr. King have lots of things in common. I mean, one of them is an inspiring and groundbreaking figure that defied odds, and the other owns a truck. Next time, let’s save Dr. King’s words for something he could stand behind. Honestly, I don’t think he was much of a Ram guy.



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