The hours after the Eagles’ Super Bowl win were a blur. As a sea of green and white clad fans—some die hard, some fresh on the bandwagon—ran through the city towards Broad Street and City Hall, the city’s morale was at an all–time high and inhibitions were at an all–time low. Fireworks ricocheted off the city buildings lining the street, raining green crystals down on the crowd and filling the air with a sulfurous smoke. Traffic lights were knocked down and their lights kicked out. The Ritz’ awning fell with about as much grace as Tom Brady when he (finally!) got sacked in the fourth quarter. 

But amidst the chaos one call rang clear: 

“Free Meek Mill.”

For some, this chant felt out of place with the others cheers attacking Pats quarter back Tom Brady and celebrating the size of a certain body part connected to second–string–QB–turned–hero Nick Foles. But for the *hip*, this came as no surprise. After all, the Eagles did run out to the incarcerated rapper’s title hit Dreams and Nightmares, which the team called their “unofficial anthem.”  

The Eagles–Meek love affair has been going on for a while. A proud Philly native, Meek has been vocal in his support of the team throughout the season, both 

The relationship between Meek and the Birds transcends music and city pride. Meek has, over time, befriended team members and created a super–Philly squad beyond even Taylor Swift’s wildest dreams. The comradery and brotherhood of football coupled with having a shared home have made the rapper and the team, well, homies. So when Meek was given his sentence and it became clear that he would not be able to celebrate the game with the team, the Birds had even more fuel for their fire. Some players, like Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett, have even protested Meek’s sentencing on social media and in interviews. After the Birds’ victory, and in anticipation of the hell that Philly’s fans have been known to unleash, Barnett said “We have to hold the city down for him.”

And that they did. In fact, it seemed the entire stadium was aware of the absence of the South Philly battle rapper, as “Free Meek Mill” chants erupted in the stands filled with thousands of people with Dreams and Nightmares blasting again in the background as a victory cry.

And as we all know and have seen in recent days, Philly and Eagles pride is something that transcends both time and space—including cell bars and walls. 

“All the heart that the Eagles showed in winning the Super Bowl has given the best fans in the world real hope and inspiration and I’m truly humbled,” Meek Mill said in a statement to NBC's John Clark. “I wish my current situation was different, and that I could be with my brothers on that team, and the other Eagles fans, in celebrating this once–in–a–lifetime experience. But I have faith that truth and justice will win out in the end.”


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