Warm spring days are upon us, and what better way to cool down than day drinking the weekend away? Darty season is officially here, kicked off by St. Patrick's Day. Of course, Penn has its fair share of brunch spots to kick off the morning, from BYOing at Aksum to $14 bottomless mimosas at White Dog Café. However, splurging on overpriced omelets (that may or may not come back up later) can be an expensive habit. Instead, throw a Boozy Brunch at home for half the price. These recipes are big enough to feed the whole crowd and easy enough that you can drink while you cook.

1. Overnight Oatmeal Crisp

With whole grains and fruit, this hearty and healthy breakfast will power you through your pregame. Most of the ingredients, like eggs, milk, and oats, are likely already staples in your pantry. As for the fruit, substitute frozen berries to save a few extra dollars. Use any leftover frozen fruit as “ice cubes” to cool down your morning mimosa. For additional protein, offer plain yogurt to serve on top. Sure, plain yogurt is a lot more boring than whipped cream, but you’ll be happy you skipped the extra dose of sugar.

2. Make–Ahead Omelet Bake

Egg and cheese: a breakfast classic for a reason. There is even bread sneaked into this recipe to carb you up for the long day ahead. The protein and healthy fat from the eggs will be enough to prevent a hangover, so much so that you can skip the pricey sausage. Instead, add whatever extra veggies you have in the kitchen. Both your vegetarian friends, and your wallet, will thank you.

3. Easy Hash Browns

Cutting potatoes whilst drinking might be a hazard, so get the same taste with precut hash browns from the refrigerated section. Add a little gourmet flavor by tossing them in a skillet with butter, garlic powder, and a little S&P. While operating a flame is only marginally safer, at least you'll have both hands available to hold your drink.

4. Pineapple Punch

OJ and champagne is an essential brunch drink, but this drink might become your next favorite classic. Reminisce about spring break memories over a tropical drink that will make you forget about being stuck back in Philadelphia. While pineapple juice sounds luxe, no one has to know that it's frozen from concentrate.

5. Boozy Buzz Coffee

An early morning pregame needs caffeine to get you going. Brew up your own coffee or ask a guest pick up a box from Dunkin', and then add your own little kick. While delicious and decadent, Bailey’s can break the bank when buying for a crowd. Instead, mask the taste of cheap whiskey with Irish cream–flavored coffee creamer.

Before planning your boozy brunch, don't get stuck footing the entire bill. Venmo charge guests in advance to set your budget and grocery list. Any late additions to the party? Have them pick up paper plates and plastic utensils for easy clean up. Prep the main dishes like the oatmeal crisp and omelet bake the night before. This will allow more time the morning of to play mixologist and plate your beautiful brunch creations. Just make sure to save the leftovers—they make for perfect afternoon drunchies food.