This week, Street Style is taking you down Locust Walk and featuring Penn’s most fashionable and bold looks. From wild socks to statement lipstick, our campus is full of style and I'm here to show you the best of the best and how to create these looks for yourself. Like Tyra Banks always says, it’s time to get NLF: next–level fierce. 

Holly Li (W ’18)

Photo: Christina Piasecki

I caught up with Holly on her way to an ACCT 102 midterm; she says that as long as she’s wearing some type of sparkle, she’s bound for greatness. In single, front–pleat, pink pants; a Tokyo culture art graphic tee; and penny loafers with socks, Holly walked down Locust, earbuds in, with swift confidence. She told me that her go–to staples in her closet are usually sparkly, and that she adds the penny loafers because they feel “smart.” Holly finished off her outfit with a hunter–green fur–lined jacket from a Brooklyn thrift shop. 

How to recreate your own version of this look:

Pants: ASOS $48
Tee: Forever 21 $6-$15
Jacket: rely on the luck of thrifting

Sabrina Elkassas (C ’18)

Photo: Christina Piasecki

Sabrina’s bright red lipstick was what originally caught my eye as she turned past me on Locust. As I moved on to the rest of the outfit, I was even more impressed by her effortless mixing of textiles and statement pieces. Sabrina lives for leather—she wears something leather every day. Today, she had on a great pair of leather pants, cut off by white socks peeking out of her black and red laced–up boots. On top, Sabrina put an olive green menswear–inspired jacket–tee under a white knit overcoat. Sabrina said that she loves thrifting and is inspired by men’s clothing: mixing oversized pieces with fitted ones. Sabrina’s looks are topped off with stylish, gold–rimmed glasses that are both fashionable and functional.

How to recreate your own version of this look:

Pants: Nordstrom Rack $39.97
Top: Target $19.99
Jacket: Nasty Gal $60 
Shoes: shopbop $75

Saagar Asnani (C ’19)

Photo: Christina Piasecki

I stopped Saagar because I was drawn to two things: his decision to wear shorts in winter and his adorable corgi socks. Once we started chatting, Saagar told me that he never wears pants. 

I asked what he does during winter storms, and he said he wears shorts. Why? He responds bluntly: "I just don't like pants." 

Saagar says he keeps it “warm up top” so that he can be cold on the bottom. He layers a shirt, sweater, and jacket so that he can comfortably rock his shorts in any type of climate. Aside from always wearing shorts, Saagar has a fascination with hats, saying that he has “one for every outfit.” He's also an avid sock collector. 

How to recreate your own version of this look:

Socks: The Joy of Socks $8
Hat: Overstock $19.99
Jacket: Kohls $25.60

Look out for new installments of Street Style every other week.


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