Hello, friends. It's time again for your weekly roundup of this week’s wildest music industry news. It seems that whatever craziness goes down in this world, the music industry always takes the cake for the strangest, most obscure—yet relevant—completely off the wall stories. From alleged kidnappings (what!?) to appearances on Family Feud, to just genuinely exciting announcements of new projects in the works, here are Street’s top picks from the soup that was this week. 

1. Deadmau5 spent 15k on Rick and Morty McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

True '90s kids (so, not me) remember McDonald’s Mulan promotional Szechuan sauce. True degenerates (so, me) watched the Rick and Morty episode where Rick travels back in time to have a taste of the coveted limited edition sauce and became obsessed with procuring this now legendary nugget dip. But no one is more obsessed than, apparently, Deadmau5. Your favorite animal–masked DJ bought a 64–ounce jug of the sauce on eBay for 15 THOUSAND DOLLARS. He then passed out nuggets and a dip of the sauce to 1000 fans at his Toronto show last October. Deadmau5 recounted the full story of this truly hallowed event on Megaphone last week.

2. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Set to Appear on Family Feud 

In a show truly for the ages, the Kardashian–Jenners and the Wests are set to go head to head on the legendary family game show in the weeks to come. Neither Kanye nor Kim (or any of the rest of the krew members) have spoken out about the appearance—after all, Kylie just had her baby after probably the most obvious secret pregnancy of all time—other than saying that they have been big fans of the show since they were little. The appearance comes at a perfect time for fans as Kanye has been uncharacteristically silent and reclusive, taking down his Instagram except to briefly post a Valentine’s Day post to his lovely Kim. 

3. Lou Reed tells MGMT "no thanks" to a collaboration 

Electro pop rock group MGMT has been denied a chance at possibly the most weird and perfect mashup we’ve heard of in a while. The group told Pitchfork that, while working on their 2010 album Congratulations, they reached out to the Velvet Underground’s lead singer and champion of oddity Lou Reed to ask him for vocals to add to their tracks. Reed apparently put the kibosh on that collab immediately, saying that the song was perfect the way it is and that it “didn’t need it.” Reed also apparently told them to fire their managers in front of their managers, so go figure. 

4. Traveling dance club Despacio returns for a three–night run 

During the brief (but too long) breakup of LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy started up a traveling dance club with DJ brothers David and Stephen Dewaele called Despacio. Now, five years later, Despacio is coming to NYC for a three night run at the Knockdown Center from March 29–31, with 8 hour long sets each night. The NYC performances will kick off a worldwide run, which will include stops in Barcelona and other not–yet–announced European destinations. The group has previously performed at Panorama Music Festival, Coachella, Electric Picnic, and Roundhouse in London. 

5. NBA YoungBoy Arrested on kidnapping warrant

Last Sunday, NBA YoungBoy was arrested for an alleged kidnapping involving his girlfriend, Jania Jackson. However, in the days since, Jackson has claimed that the two were “just playing,” and that the rapper has never “put his hands” on her. However, hotel surveillance cameras clearly captured the rapper throwing Jackson to the floor in a pretty non–friendly manner (the video was obtained by the Miami Herald). This isn’t the first time the 18–year–old rapper has gotten into trouble this year: he’s wrecked a Lambo, been accused of a drive–by shooting, and been arrested in connection to various shootings in Louisiana. He is now being held without bail in Georgia for the physical assault of Jackson. 

So, there you have it, your daily dose of craziness before the future even heightened ridiculousness of what will be spring break. 


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