With Huntsman as our campus hot–spot this week I expected to get a lot of pre–professional looks, but I found just the opposite. This week's trendsetters mix sweet with sassy; like that kid in your negotiations class who you underestimated. These students don't mess when it comes to how they dress. See for yourself: 

Erik Ekstrom (W’21)

Photo: Christina Piasecki

No suit and tie in sight for this young Whartonite. Erik took risks with each piece that he decided to wear today. His T–shirt mixed a fun slogan with party graphics and the red collar and cuffs tied in well with his green and red patterned sweatpants. When I asked him what inspired his look, he said that he went “crazy” because it was warm out. He finished off his outfit with a pair of creme Air Jordan sneakers that round out the look without making it too matchy–matchy. Erik couldn’t decide which item in his closet was his favorite, and with pieces like this I understand why. However, he did say he loves wearing his watch. The straps of his backpack coordinate perfectly with the pants, well done Erik, well done.

How to recreate your own version of this look: You can't.

Sahitya Mandalapu (W’21)

Photo: Christina Piasecki

I spotted Sahitya’s white pants in a sea of black and grey as the horde of Whartonites left Huntsman Hall. Sahitya wore paper–bag style white pants and a tight black long–sleeve, keeping her look classy but eye–catching. She told me it was her first time wearing her shoes—black mules with flower embroidery and colored embellishments. When I asked her what inspired her look today she answered with, “It’s my 19th birthday, I wanted to look nice.” Happy birthday Sahitya! Keep killin’ it.

How to recreate your own version of this look:

Pants: Pretty Little Thing $28

Top: Lulus $25

Shoes: ASOS $42

Peter Nwaoba (C’19)

Photo: Christina Piasecki

Peter was in the middle of a FaceTime down Locust walk, but his outfit was too good not to stop him (sorry @Peter’s friend). Peter took advantage of the slight spring warmth and paired a lightweight sporty jacket with slender cuffed wide–pinstripe pants. He told me that he draws his outfit inspiration from ASOS models; copying their sleek looks and street–wear vibes. His favorite items to shop for are shoes and as you can see, he keeps them in pristine condition #notrelatable.

How to recreate your own version of this look:

Jacket: Zumiez $64.95

Pants: ASOS $38